Manchester The World’s First Industrialised City

The city is widely recognised as one of the coolest in Britain. Manchester has reinvented itself as a truly contemporary metropolis, with modern landmarks, excellent art and culture, great bars and world-class hospitality. Manchester is Beautiful – Manchester City Centre Scenes / Facts This

Canterbury – 2000 Years of Fascinating History

Canterbury, in southeast England, has played an integral part in the history of England from it’s early days as a Roman settlement. Home to a world heritage of UNESCO, Canterbury is also one of Britain’s very important Heritage Cities. Canterbury Cathedral, One of the

Cambridge – a Fascinating City

Learn all about what to do in Cambridge’s attractions such as the King College chapel and the River Cam, to its unique combination of past and present culture. King’s College Cambridge England Tours Few cities can take the breath away quite like Cambridge. It’s

York City – Best Kept Medieval City in Britain

Venture inside the medieval city walls of York and experience one of the most impressive cities of Britain. York is an inspiring blend of past and present. With more than 2000 years history, it now has a lively arts presence and as many pubs

London City, England

“When a man is tired of London he is tired of life” Samuel Johnson No place in the world can much London. This is not just another capital city, is a bustling city with a unique multi cultural personality formed by the traditional attractions,

Bath City – Travel Notes for this Famous City

Excellent Roman ruins, great Georgian architecture, spas, spring water and top class shopping – the fantastic Bath city offers the lot and more. The Romans were really on to something when they built this jewel of city and after only just a visit will